Team: Florin JUDE; Iustin ROCEANU; Zsuzsanna KOVACS;
Total Area: 38.400 sqm
Client: Mirec Solutions Inc.

A premium shopping center in the heart of Abuja, Nigeria. A 5000sqm Business Hub was later added to the development.

Nigerian vernacular architecture served in working out the concept for our design. Elements from the Nigerian traditional house with its interior courtyard, from the walls of Benin and the traditional “moat” and “rampart” way of sculpting the land were used in our design. The outer skin of the naturally ventilated facade features a motif inspired from traditional Nigerian sculptures, while the interior has a light flooded inner atrium and courtyard, creating a visually striking space.

  • Spectacular Inner Atrium and Artificial Waterfall;
  • Supermarket;
  • 5 Cinema Rooms, each with a capacity of 250 seats;
  • Panoramic Elevators;
  • Suspended Glass Walkway;
  • Generous Rentable Space;
  • 2 Underground Parking levels;
  • 5000sqm Rentable Class A Office Space;
  • 2 Business Apartments located on top of the Office Building;



2011 Mirec Solutions Inc. Commerce, Office