Team: Florin JUDE, Justin ROCEANU, Ioana GALIE;
Total Area: –
Client: N/A Competition

Our entry for the Evolo 2015 Skyscraper Competiton – a 1.5 km selfsustaining A.I. powered hyper tower built from modules.

Based on his predictions, in our vision of 2045+ the A.I. will takeover many of the current tasks done by human beings in all fields of activity. In this new world, the architect’s role is to closely coordinate with the A.I., much like a conductor coordinates with the orchestra. The Human + A.I team’s main challange will be to develop ways to enhance human life. The architectural structures of the future, spawned by this new generation of super-architects, will not only cover human basic needs such as shelter/food/clean water/energy, but will actually have to go far beyond these limits and, in a sense, become integral to the human society of the future. Technological advances in all industries will develop at an exponential rate, leading to a new type of human society and new requirements for the structures we design. For instance, technological advances in hydroponics, vertical farming systems and robotic harvesting will mean that, at a minimum, all buildings will be able to grow food for their inhabitants in a self sustaining, autonomous manner, yielding crops at a much faster and more predictable rate than traditional farming. Implemented on a large scale, this can help immensely in eradicating world hunger. Advances in 3D printing will allow new materials to emerge, completely generated by A.I. from their chemical structure to their actual production with 3D printing equipment (also A.I. designed and manufactured). Designing and continuously optimizing all these highly sophisticated systems will be a task completely undertaken by the A.I.; The human partner will set the goals and the A.I. will find the optimum solutions to achieve them. Humans will become part of the A.I. universe and gradually merge with the machine, interacting on a much deeper (perhaps even subconcious) level with the structures they design and inhabit, becoming an interconnected part of them.



2015 N/A Competition Competition